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A segment where we document funny encounters, situations and problems for a good laugh. No names will be revealed to protect our clients. 

Aaj Kal Ke Bacche - Part 1 (Saving The Cake)

posted Sep 14, 2016, 12:06 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Sep 16, 2016, 4:06 AM ]

Cake at a wedding is a great idea - the whole kuch meetha ho jaye sentiment. 
Kids are just too cute  and even more so in their cute outfits at weddings. 
But both together is a disaster waiting to happen.

At a reception we did some time back, we had a beautiful 3 tier cake with scrumptious white buttercream frosting and elegant piping. We setup the cake table with fresh flowers and a really pretty white self design table cloth. The cake came out and was placed on the table. Everything was set and we were just waiting for the couple to arrive. We left the cake on the table and went to see if everything was ready. A shrill giggle hit our ears and almost simultaneously, we looked at the cake - and to our horror, 3 kids were standing near the cake table looking at the cake with unkind eyes. We ran to the table but before we could reach one of the kids had throw his hand onto the cake and picked out a nice chunk for himself. Luckily, we reached in time to save the rest of the cake from this battalion of little ones, promising them BIG pieces once the cake was cut. 

As for the gaping hole in the cake, we got creative and plugged it with 4 fresh roses and no one knew !! ;)

Rain Dance Part 1 - A blessing in Disguise.

posted Sep 2, 2016, 11:01 PM by Noor Roseline

A few months ago we did a lovely North Indian Meets South India wedding at Tamarind Tree. The Baraat, the Milni, the Kashi Yatra all went off  really well. The groom and bride took their place in the mandap and the wedding began. The brief to Panditji was to keep it short and sweet. At the half way mark I felt a drop fall from up above on my arm. FEAR !!

The forecast said no rain today. *note to self: never listen to the forecast*

With dark clouds overhead, my mind was racing. What do we do? We still have dinner and drinks to get to and the main area with the chairs and tables is all outside. The stress was mounting. Its totally not helping that panditji is trying to extent his air time. I sit next to Panditji in the mandap and whisper to him that it is going to rain and he needs to hurry up the ceremony. 

I radio my team in and following were the instructions given. 
Number One: Move all tables and chairs to the covered areas (for those of you who haven't been to Tamarind Tree - they have a big lawn with a huge gazebo at one end. It has a dining hall to the right and a covered space to the left. Beyond the covered area are the bridal villas.) 
Number Two: Make sure to move the Baraatis (boy's side) to the covered area and the girls side to the dining hall (where the dinner buffet was being served). 

As the wedding ended, I escorted the Bride and Groom under an umbrella to their room for a touch up and a quick chill session. Or so I though. On the way there I remembered  - The fireworks were to go off when they were to return to the party and were a gift from the grooms grandparents. Radioed the team to make it happen now instead (it was still just a drizzle) and we stood outside the bridal villas and watched.

As soon as they reached the villas, the clouds ripped up a new one. Luckily my awesome team had done as told. I radioed them in and call and emergency meeting for the next set of instructions. 
Number Three: take your shoes off and put your phones in my bag and the bag in a safe dry place. 
Number Four: Bring as many umbrellas you can find on the property.
Number Five: We are going to ferry drinks from the bar to the covered area. We are also going to ferry any guest that needs to go anywhere. While checking up on the girls side at the dining hall and making sure they were well taken care of. 

And thus began the craziest 3 hours of our working lives. Soaking wet in the rain ferrying drinks and people all over. Once everyone had a drink, it was time for some chakna - this is when I made my way to the kitchen to meet Vishal from The Creative Kitchen who were catering the wedding and told him its time to send food to the other side and without a second thought, he radioed in his team and began service. 

By 10 pm the rain slowed down enough for the couple to come back out to a roaring cheer. Subsequently the rain subsided and the guests began braved the rain to stroll about the property. We were told it was the best wedding they had ever attended. 

I guess its true, a little rain never hurt anyone. 

By Noor Khan
Photographed By Studio Ank

When We Couldn’t Find The Groom !!

posted Aug 27, 2016, 4:53 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Aug 27, 2016, 4:55 AM ]

A wedding long long ago, we had a groom MIA with just minutes to spare for the groom and bride to make their grand entrance to a killer AC/DC song at their Reception. Panicked, we looked all over for him. Is he by the pool? Or maybe at the hotel bar? Did he get lost in this big hotel? Beads of sweat began to appear on our temples when we couldn’t seem to locate him. 

Suddenly one of us was like, did anybody check his room? We ran to his room like it were the Olympic finals. Knocked on his door several times to no response. We figured he wasn’t there. Now we were worried. Just as we decided it was time to tell the bride, the door opened. Our poor groom looked flushed and sick. 

Turns out all the great Indian food created havoc with his tender American stomach. 

A few pills and a good face wash later the groom was up and grooving to AC/DC

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