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Rain Dance - In the Nick of Time

posted Sep 18, 2018, 4:11 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Sep 18, 2018, 4:11 AM ]

In our initial few years we did a wedding that came to us just 8 days before the actual wedding. Read all about it here

During the wedding we were to do a Mehendi setup in the lawn of the hotel and the Sangeet setup was to be in the hall. The mehendi was to start at 5:00 p.m. was to go on till 7:00 p.m. after which everyone would move into the hall for the sangeet.

We finish the outdoor set up by 12:00 p.m. Around 3 p.m. clouds came in and the chance of rain was eminent. when from the bride that we needed to move the setup inside. she was getting ready and didn't have time to deal with this issue she ask her cousin to take a call. Unfortunately the cousin wasnt from Bangalore and decided to check his phone's weather app and declared to us that it wouldn't rain. We tried to convince him that we knew Bangalore weather better and that was sure it is going to rain.

Since he insisted that we kept the setup as is, we decided to have a back up plan in place just in case. We sped up the work inside the hall and had it readied by 5.30 p.m. around 4.30 p.m. it started to rain. Just a drizzle at first, which gave us enough time to move in the takhat sets into the hall. Moments later the rain began to beat down. With last minute touches done, we were ready with a nice flute and saxophone jugal-bandhi to welcome guests and no one knew that a rain disaster was avoided ;)

Rain Dance - In the Eye of Storm

posted Sep 18, 2018, 2:55 AM by Noor Roseline

A few years ago we did a wedding in the month of October. The bride envisioned an outdoor Garden wedding. A garden wedding in the month of October is like oil and water. They just don't mix. 

We tried long and hard to convince the bride the this was not a good idea that she was asking for trouble. But all efforts were futile in front of the determined bride. The ten days leading up to the wedding were bright and sunny. It instilled a confidence in us that the wedding would go off without a glitch. In any case we had a few contingency plans in place to make sure that we could deal with any unforeseen weather issues.

The day of the mehendi arrived which was the first event of the wedding. It was partly cloudy and we had waterproof tents in place so we weren't worried about anything.

The event went off without any problems. No rain, just pleasant Bangalore weather. The next evening was the sangeet and as we were setting up, a slight drizzle decided to bless the occasion. Again no harm no foul as it was just a passing drizzle and the event was partially indoors. 

That night we instructed the venue decorator (not our team as the venue did not allow teams from outside to do decor at this particular venue) not to do the entire set up outside but to wait till the early mornings to see what the weather situation would be like. The design was very simple. It didn't require a lot of time or effort and hence could have been done in the wee hours of the morning.

As I worked at morning around 4 a.m., I realised that it was raining like crazy. I immediately call Rose to check if it is raining in her part of town, luckily it wasn't. Now we both hoped that it wasn’t raining at the venue.  

As we reached the venue at 5 a.m. Our worst fear came true - it has been raining all morning and was still raining heavily. Luckily we had told the decorator not to do the decor and that now it can be done indoors. As we drove past the lawn, to our shock we saw  that the decorator had not listened to us and went ahead and did the entire set up before it started raining. Now the seats was soaked and Mandap has started disintegrating due to the heavy rain that the flowers were not able to take.

We decided to call the decorator and discuss with him what would be our next steps to fix this situation. when we spoke to him he refused to come to the venue and he said that now that it's raining its raining and there's nothing that he can do. The basic difference between our team and other vendors is that we have a can-do attitude and can fix any problem that we are faced with. Our next call was to our client to inform them of what had happened. That's when we realised that it wasn't raining in their part of town and they had no clue of what was waiting for them.

We briefed them on the situation and told them that we would figure something out by the time they got to the venue. in the meantime we had spoken to the decorator almost 7 times. finally convince him to start moving the decor elements inside atleast whatever was left of it and to get new chairs with covers. After a lot of pleading and negotiating he finally agreed to get us a new set of chairs and move the Mandap structure inside and add a few new flowers. 

Within an hour we did a complete turnaround. We made sure that the Mandap was dry and a new carpet was put in just in case and the chairs were dry, clean, neat and ready to be used by the guests. We also made sure that the breakfast was ready to be served and that the dining hall was completely setup as a South Indian wedding begin with a hearty breakfast.

Even though our bride didn’t get the garden wedding she wanted, we made sure we gave her a beautiful wedding nevertheless.

The Things we do - Seamstresses for a day

posted Sep 13, 2018, 2:18 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Sep 13, 2018, 2:23 AM ]

Recently we were doing a destination wedding in Mysore. On day two of the festivities Rose and I went to check up on the bride and her family as they were getting ready. When we reached the room, we realized that there was a crisis at hand. The Sharara bottom that the bride was to wear for the event was about 2 inches loose and the sleeves of the top were about 1 inch loose. The bride was distraught. And the mother of the bride in tears. So we jumped into this head first.

We asked her to take off the outfit, wear her robe and finish her make up while we dealt with this issue. 

We summoned our trusty Emergency Kit. Rose took the top and I took the bottom and began altering them. Rose and I aren't trained seamstresses but our moms did teach us the machine stitch well enough to do these types of quick alterations. 

For the bottom, it took me three tries to perfect it, to ensure it wasn't too tight or too loose for the bride. The part we feared the most was getting the crotch alteration right. Otherwise it would look wanky and no bride of our was going to look wanky if we could help it. The top was relatively easier as Rose got it right the second time around. 

Once the bride was ready and the outfit fit her perfectly, we patted ourselves on the back and moved on to ensure the event went off with no glitch.

And the cherry on top was that on the day of the wedding we ended up, altering the sleeves of the wedding outfit as well. 

No pressure !!

Our Emergency Kit

posted Mar 5, 2018, 4:34 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Sep 19, 2018, 12:11 AM ]

In the past 5 years, our emergency kit has been a lifesaver. It has grown from wedding to wedding and from crisis to crisis. Today we would like take you into our trusty Emergency Kit.
We have learnt to be prepared for any crisis a wedding throws at us. We started out with a small pouch as an emergency kit and have now reach a trust duffle bag on wheels and soon to a strolley. We have a wide range of items in this kit of ours. So lets take a a quick tour of our trusty Emergency Kit:

  1. First Aid - Because Duh !! From a bandages for cuts and bruises to medicines for head aches, indigestion, allergies, sprains and period cramps. 

  2. A fixer upper - with extra bindis, deo, tissue, nail polish remover, safety pins, hair pins, sewing kit, citronella, etc

  3. Our DIY kit - 4 types of pliers, screw driver, industrial strength glue, fevicol, double sided tape, etc

  4. PADS because PERIODS !!!

  5. For the forgetful guests we have decorative envelopes Handy. 

  6. Mini Me - Our hand held sewing machine, a mini steam iron and a portable umbrella - Just in case !!

  7. Puja ki thali ke liye - Matches, wick, til oil, haldi and kumkum, etc..

  8. Music to our ears - Ustad Bismillah Khan's Shehnai music, A mehendi playlist, a dance playlist and a vidaai playlist.
And sooo much more. 

And with every new wedding and new experience, we expand this emergency kit. In an effort to never face a crisis we cant solve. 

The Things we do - Pad(wo)man

posted Feb 28, 2018, 11:02 PM by Noor Roseline

Every season, we have periods who come visiting a few of our brides at the most awkward times ever. Most of the time taking our brides by surprise. On many occasions, right smack in between the wedding. 

We now recognize the sheer look of panic that the "period on the wedding day" brings to our brides' faces . To this effect we are always ready with a variety of pads in our emergency kit. We whisk our bride away from the crowd. This gives her a moment to calm down after the panic and to choose which pad works best for her. 

Pad(wo)man to the rescue !! 

The Things We do - Our Sewing Skills

posted Feb 22, 2018, 1:53 AM by Noor Roseline

This one is a deja vu of sorts.

About 3 years ago, we were setting up for a sangeet at Taj Westend. Making sure decor was ready and the hotel was good to go with the bar and food. About an hour before showtime the bride came in fully ready and looking gorgeous. She wanted to practice her performance on stage once, to be confident. The performance was super sweet and a medley of a few fun songs. We introduced her to the DJ and his sound team. She gave them the music and started her performance. We made sure she started the performance and headed out to tie up a few loose ends. 

A few moments later she came running out with her mum and a look of terror on her face. Quickly we found out that her blouse had ripped at the seam on one side. With less then 30 minute until guests arrived we rushed her to the washroom to assess the damage. It was quite bad. But we didn't fret we just called for our emergency kit and began sewing her into the blouse. I am sure we poked her a few times in the process. It was all worth it because her performance was AMAZING !! 

[Image Couresy google.com]

Cut to a recent wedding. The scene was set and the baraat was at the door. The welcome of the groom was done with all the festivities and grandeur. The bride was then brought in as her sisters showered the way with flower petals. For the jaymala, the bride and groom were lifted by their friends. It was a fun jaymala. The bride was sent off to her room to do a touch up and re-drape her dupatta. On the way to her room we noticed that the top hook of her blouse had broke (mostly due to being lifted for the jaymala). Once again we called for our emergency kit, and began sewing a new hook in and securing it. While doing this the bride noticed that her bracelet  had also broken. Luckily we have pliers in our emergency kit and got right to fixing it. A few moments later and she was all set to go get married. 

All in a days work !!

The Things We Do - Hair Wash

posted Feb 22, 2018, 1:25 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Feb 22, 2018, 1:53 AM ]

The day of the reception arrived and we were at the venue early to overlook setup. As the clock struck noon at the beautiful Tamarind Tree, our bride realized that she had left her toilet kit back at the hotel. She had to wash her hair before the makeup artist arrived. We sent someone out to go buy shampoo and were happy that the crisis had been averted. 

About an hour later, the bride called for us. Once we reached her room we were told that she couldn't wash her hair as she had gotten her mehendi put the day before and the mehendi artist had told her no to touch water. And none of her friends hadn't reached the venue. 

We look at each other and decided there was only one thing to do. Roll up our sleeves, place a chair near the sink and wash her hair ourselves. And that is exactly what we did. Shampoo, condition and rinse. All just in time for the makeup artist. 

All in a day's work for us. 
[Image courtesy Google.com] 

Aaj Kal Ke Bacche - Saving The Cake

posted Sep 14, 2016, 12:06 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Feb 22, 2018, 1:27 AM ]

Cake at a wedding is a great idea - the whole kuch meetha ho jaye sentiment. 
Kids are just too cute  and even more so in their cute outfits at weddings. 
But both together is a disaster waiting to happen.

At a reception we did some time back, we had a beautiful 3 tier cake with scrumptious white buttercream frosting and elegant piping. We setup the cake table with fresh flowers and a really pretty white self design table cloth. The cake came out and was placed on the table. Everything was set and we were just waiting for the couple to arrive. We left the cake on the table and went to see if everything was ready. A shrill giggle hit our ears and almost simultaneously, we looked at the cake - and to our horror, 3 kids were standing near the cake table looking at the cake with unkind eyes. We ran to the table but before we could reach one of the kids had throw his hand onto the cake and picked out a nice chunk for himself. Luckily, we reached in time to save the rest of the cake from this battalion of little ones, promising them BIG pieces once the cake was cut. 

As for the gaping hole in the cake, we got creative and plugged it with 4 fresh roses and no one knew !! ;)

Rain Dance - A blessing in Disguise.

posted Sep 2, 2016, 11:01 PM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Feb 22, 2018, 1:27 AM ]

A few months ago we did a lovely North Indian Meets South India wedding at Tamarind Tree. The Baraat, the Milni, the Kashi Yatra all went off  really well. The groom and bride took their place in the mandap and the wedding began. The brief to Panditji was to keep it short and sweet. At the half way mark I felt a drop fall from up above on my arm. FEAR !!

The forecast said no rain today. *note to self: never listen to the forecast*

With dark clouds overhead, my mind was racing. What do we do? We still have dinner and drinks to get to and the main area with the chairs and tables is all outside. The stress was mounting. Its totally not helping that panditji is trying to extent his air time. I sit next to Panditji in the mandap and whisper to him that it is going to rain and he needs to hurry up the ceremony. 

I radio my team in and following were the instructions given. 
Number One: Move all tables and chairs to the covered areas (for those of you who haven't been to Tamarind Tree - they have a big lawn with a huge gazebo at one end. It has a dining hall to the right and a covered space to the left. Beyond the covered area are the bridal villas.) 
Number Two: Make sure to move the Baraatis (boy's side) to the covered area and the girls side to the dining hall (where the dinner buffet was being served). 

As the wedding ended, I escorted the Bride and Groom under an umbrella to their room for a touch up and a quick chill session. Or so I though. On the way there I remembered  - The fireworks were to go off when they were to return to the party and were a gift from the grooms grandparents. Radioed the team to make it happen now instead (it was still just a drizzle) and we stood outside the bridal villas and watched.

As soon as they reached the villas, the clouds ripped up a new one. Luckily my awesome team had done as told. I radioed them in and call and emergency meeting for the next set of instructions. 
Number Three: take your shoes off and put your phones in my bag and the bag in a safe dry place. 
Number Four: Bring as many umbrellas you can find on the property.
Number Five: We are going to ferry drinks from the bar to the covered area. We are also going to ferry any guest that needs to go anywhere. While checking up on the girls side at the dining hall and making sure they were well taken care of. 

And thus began the craziest 3 hours of our working lives. Soaking wet in the rain ferrying drinks and people all over. Once everyone had a drink, it was time for some chakna - this is when I made my way to the kitchen to meet Vishal from The Creative Kitchen who were catering the wedding and told him its time to send food to the other side and without a second thought, he radioed in his team and began service. 

By 10 pm the rain slowed down enough for the couple to come back out to a roaring cheer. Subsequently the rain subsided and the guests began braved the rain to stroll about the property. We were told it was the best wedding they had ever attended. 

I guess its true, a little rain never hurt anyone. 

By Noor Khan
Photographed By Studio Ank

When We Couldn’t Find The Groom !!

posted Aug 27, 2016, 4:53 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Aug 27, 2016, 4:55 AM ]

A wedding long long ago, we had a groom MIA with just minutes to spare for the groom and bride to make their grand entrance to a killer AC/DC song at their Reception. Panicked, we looked all over for him. Is he by the pool? Or maybe at the hotel bar? Did he get lost in this big hotel? Beads of sweat began to appear on our temples when we couldn’t seem to locate him. 

Suddenly one of us was like, did anybody check his room? We ran to his room like it were the Olympic finals. Knocked on his door several times to no response. We figured he wasn’t there. Now we were worried. Just as we decided it was time to tell the bride, the door opened. Our poor groom looked flushed and sick. 

Turns out all the great Indian food created havoc with his tender American stomach. 

A few pills and a good face wash later the groom was up and grooving to AC/DC

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