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Why hire a wedding planner?

  • DE-STRESS: Planning a wedding can be a very stressful affair. There is a lot of decision making, running around, getting the right deals, meeting a number of people before making your final choice, sourcing gifts and what not. All this can be very stressful for the Bride and Groom and their families. A wedding Planner helps you de-stress and actually enjoy the most important day of your lives.
  • BUDGETING: Often people find it difficult to set budgets for their wedding. They are unaware of the market rates, where to get the best deals and what all to avoid in order to decrease their costs. Here a wedding planner can be an excellent medium through which they can gain this knowledge and plan their weddings in a cost effective way.
  • BEST DEALS: If you approach any vendor directly you may be charged exorbitant prices, but if you go through a wedding planner you can get the best deals in the market due to their good connections. A wedding planner can not only get you the best deals in terms of price but also a quality service due to their experience in the industry.
  • VALUE ADDED SERVICES: A wedding planner not only helps you get the best of vendors, but also provides a number of value added services which no Chacha or Chachi can provide. Family members can only help up to a certain extent after which they would also like to sit and enjoy the party, but a wedding planner can take care of your guests right from helping them shop for the wedding clothes till the very last minute.
  • COORDINATION: A lot of people think they can manage the coordination with all the vendors and on the day of the function, but it is very tedious and stressful. With the help of a wedding planner you need not worry about when a vendor will arrive, how will he manage the time allotted, how to make their payment, are all the ceremonies happening on time, are the guests being taken care of , is everything on schedule, is the transport managed properly and a million other things. You can just relax and watch the show unfold seamlessly.
Why hire us as wedding planners?