The phrase 'Two peas in a pod' fits no two people better than us - Roseline and Noor. We never really crossed paths before even though we overlapped in college for a while. We inherently are very different from each other. Roseline is an MBA with 3 years of corporate experience who has a nightingale living in her throat and Noor with her background in art and film has an undying need to try all things creative. Turns out, we have helped plan over a dozen weddings for family and friends.
One day, both of us almost simultaneously decided that we needed a change and explore our passion - WEDDINGS!! And as luck would have it, we applied to the same wedding planning company. Roseline was hired first and a month later so was Noor. Finally, what destiny had planned for us, happened - We Clicked!! At weddings, we worked like a well-oiled machine. With clients we were completely at ease and super confident.
It also helps that we always know what the other one is thinking. We are on the same creative wavelength - whether it is designing a stage, selecting a menu, floral decorations or just doodling on a napkin - we are all about executing the vision. Cut to three months later – we dived head first into our own company. Three days of intensive brain racking and Wedding Tales~ was born.