Wedding Tales Story of Archana & Puneet (June 2017)

posted Aug 28, 2017, 3:20 AM by Noor Roseline

Wedding planners in a way fill the role of every family member at some point or the other during the roller coaster ride of planning a wedding. They help you pick a mehendi artist, they ensure you will have transport to anywhere you need to be, they will get a doctor at the first sign of being a tad bit unwell and mostly they will listen to you, your ideas ( even though they probably know better;) ) and they do it all with so much ease and happiness. We would like to thank you guys for pulling off a fantastic wedding, people were talking about it for weeks!! Pictures and videos and all sorts of compliments kept pouring in and we were thrilled.  We watched our wedding film just a few days ago, and I think that's when we truly realised the amount of detail oriented work  that went into our beautiful wedding. Rose, through every cross city call that lasted for hours sometimes, thank you for being patient and always keeping in mind our satisfaction. Noor and Rose, the fact that you both tirelessly spent every minute of those 2 days present from setup till each person was loaded safely into a bus is something we are especially grateful for. To Mr. Lawrence who was so organised, punctual and just lovely. Mr Mohan, who's delicious food and kind spirit were a hit with every single guest. So, a BIG THANK YOU to team Wedding Tales for making sure we got exactly the kind of wedding we dreamt of having :) 

Lots of love,
Archana and Puneet 

Wedding Photographed by Vivek Krishnan

Vivek Oberoi on Wedding Tales~ (Feb 2016)

posted Jul 26, 2017, 4:47 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Jul 26, 2017, 5:05 AM ]

Vivek Oberoi on Wedding Tales

Vivek Oberoi: "Ok, this is a big thank you to wedding Tales and the entire crew for making my sister Sheetal's wedding such a fabulous, magical fairy tale. Noor, Fauzia, the whole team, you guys have done such a great job. Thank you so much for being so committed, for caring so much and paying attention to the little things. Wedding Tales, we love you." 

Wedding Tales Story of Kirti & Keshav (June 2017)

posted Jul 5, 2017, 10:49 PM by Noor Roseline

To encompass what you did to make this the most memorable wedding any of our very august guests had ever attended. It was not the frills, which there were aplenty, or the lavishness - which you managed to portray, keeping our budget in mind, it was the sheer fun everyone, including us hosts, could have, because you were there to shoulder every little thing  that cropped up. It's almost ten days now, and every Whatsapp group (and what is a recommendation that is not abuzz on Whatsapp in India??) is still talking about the wedding. You have set the bar for fun weddings way up there now, and all our guests said it's going to be hard to repeat it.
Thank you to every single person who recommended wedding tales to us, and  to Prerana for insisting on you,  that was the best decision, other than Kirti and Keshav choosing each other. Thank you to your tireless effort, your unbelievable creativity, your irrepressible energy, your  sense of humor, and for your ability to balance your girly enthusiasm with such dignity and maturity, it amazed us. You helped us realize our dreams, and more. Here's to success to you that knows no boundaries. Our love and good wishes are always going to be with you.
A big shout out to your entire team, and to you for giving us the right people to make this a crazy happy wedding, of which we will all be retelling tales for a long time to come. Thanks to Ankit, the very creative and very patient photographer and his team, thanks to to an amazing, irreplaceable Lawrence for the entire transport arrangements, Andrea, words are insufficient to cover her choreography and peoples' skills,  and thanks to Chris, the creative, and tuned in DJ, oh and last but absolutely not the least, Spoorti, she rocked the bar.

Our best wishes,
(Mother of the Bride)

Wedding Photographed By Ankit Singh of Studio ANK

Wedding Tales Story of Laura & Shahid (Dec 2016)

posted Feb 22, 2017, 10:37 PM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Feb 22, 2017, 11:09 PM ]

Greetings from the Vaziralli ! I hope you are well and full of your usual energy and vitality. Your energy is so contagious,Mubina and I miss it.

We both are very very grateful and thankful for the amazing job you did for Shahid's wedding

Mehendi,Sangeet and Breakfast on three consecutive days for 300 people,the decor,the lighting,the music,the logistics,amazing job. Noor,hats off to you !

We wish you the very best and look forward to Laila's wedding and working with you again

With kind regards

Minhaz and Mubina Vaziralli
(Parents of the Groom)

Wedding Photographed by Antony Antony

Wedding Tales Story Of Pooja & Vijay (Nov 2016)

posted Feb 21, 2017, 11:01 PM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Feb 22, 2017, 10:44 PM ]

It all started in the month of June, a month before our engagement. Vijay and I were looking for someone to help our parents plan our wedding. Since we live in Sweden, about 10,000kms from Bangalore with a four and half hour time difference it was practically impossible to just let our families do all the planning. So I just pinged Noor on Facebook and I think I got a reply within two hours or so asking for more details. I had written to a number of wedding planners and these guys probably replied the earliest.  From the beginning it was absolutely clear in our mind that we wanted a small, simple and elegant wedding with just the closest of families and friends. 
So after exchanging of numbers and details we decided to meet when Vijay and I were in Bangalore for our engagement. Noor with her team met us at a coffee shop and trust me when I say that my mom and I walked out thinking these are the people we want to plan a wedding with. Noor and Pooja (my namesake) were soooooo friendly and extrovert-ish that I felt like we knew them from ages ago. :)
The best part of talking to these guys, be it face to face or Skype, they understand what you need spot on!
She is so open to our ideas and plans, I appreciate that she went an extra mile to just buy stuff for the wedding because I asked for it. 
We have had numerous amount of Skype calls and plans, she’s the absolute best friend a bride needs.
I haven't felt stressed even for a moment in the entire planning/wedding process. She’s so cool— tough competition to boro plus, noor :P No she hasn't paid me to praise her :D NO SERIOUSLY!!
She had been constantly talking to my parents, taking their criticism on costing :D all parents do that I guess, MONEY SAVE KAROOOO! and never complained :)
So I flew down a week before the wedding and I had no wedding saree yet. (CRISIS or so I thought) Ms super woman, Noor and my mom helped me shop in a day! yes more like in an hour!! AND I GOT THE ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS BRIDAL SAREE EVER!!

This is she and her team at 4AM in the morning of the wedding day,

They are a bunch of dedicated people. The decorations were spot on. It was everything we asked for, some times more than what we asked. Our wedding was a fairy tale!
This team has been there from morning four until 12 in the night taking care of the guests, the food, the bride (her food), the groom, our families, all NEEDS! Thank you Noor and team from the bottom of our hearts for being there. When I look back at the pictures, all I remember is being with family and smiling through the day not caring for the thing in the world because you guys took care of it all! <3

Also for tiny things like this, that didn't make me look a fool in the pictures :P
Last THANKYOU for being that best friend when we needed you the most :)

My mom’s smile means the world to me and she loved every bit of what you guys did!
Great job guys! couldn’t and wouldn't have had it any other way !! :) 

Loads of love and HUGGGSSSS

Pooja xoxo

Wedding Photographed by Vivek Krishnan.

Wedding Tales Story of Pratika and Jai (Dec 2016)

posted Jan 29, 2017, 11:19 PM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Jan 29, 2017, 11:41 PM ]

It was a great experience working with Noor as my wedding planner and having her help with planning/coordinating many aspects of our wedding (catering, decor, hotels, etc). From my first conversation with her I could tell she was an experienced wedding planner, easy to talk to, and I was happy that we connected instantly. I really appreciated her input/suggestions for decor ideas, and flexibility in everything. She always made sure I didn't get stressed by any of the planning or decision making, and her can-do attitude made it easy not to get stressed. 

During the wedding, we were very impressed with her team's work and with her. She made sure everything went smoothly for each of the three events, and constantly checked up on me and my husband to make sure we were eating and/or had everything we needed. Overall, we are very glad we worked with her and our family/friends also complimented her on all the work that she and her team did.

Wedding Photographed by Ankit from Studio ANK

I was the 'go to' person on the Groom's side. I met with Noor several times during my India visit and with each meeting, I gained the confidence that this wedding was in her capable hands and that every detail would be attended to. I made several specific requests and Noor worked with me on each of those and made them feasible. 
Eventually, the events of the wedding day and all of the related events before and after  were handled like a well oiled machine. Each event was well coordinated and managed to perfection. I would like to lay focus on how every detail was attended to, no matter how small or insignificant it seemed.

Noor now has a standing contract for any future events that my family will plan in Bangalore !

Thank you,

Prasad Betadpur
(Uncle of the groom)

Wedding Tales Story Of Supriya & Rajit (May 2016)

posted Jul 30, 2016, 2:33 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Jan 29, 2017, 11:38 PM ]

Supriya & Rajit came to us May of last year to help plan their wedding this year. Yes, we planned yet another wedding 1 year in advance. We fell in love with Supriya the minute we met her. Her ideas and her excitement reflected our and we were instantly on the same page. A few weeks later we met Rajit and were more confident that this was a perfect match. 

The wedding was South meets North meets America meets a global guest list. We had guests that came from all parts of the world and it was so much fun planning this "International 2 States" wedding.  Iski Uski from 2 States was the theme song for this wedding. 

We had 3 functions: An Outdoor Mehendi Brunch at Royal Orchid Hotel lawns with a sangria bar and yummy chats. We put up a bright orange and yellow chiffon canopy to protect from us from the sun. We had a bangle stand, beaded purses, chunnis (Scarfs), gajra (flowers for the hair), etc as gifts.  A dholki wali set the mood as women got their Mehendi on. 
Next up, and evening sangeet (Season Hall of Royal Orchid Hotel) complete with a funky drinks, an awesome lineup of performances and a DJ to make us dance the night away.  
And finally, a beautiful outdoor wedding by the pond at Tamarind Tree. A great transition from day to night. A great mix of Punjabi and South Indian. A baraat with a band and a DJ on wheels started us off. Followed by a traditional Kashi Yatra and a Milni. Once the crowd settled into their seats we had Our beautifl bride walk in under a lights chaddar escorted by her mama (Uncle) and friends/cousins. A fun Varmala exchange including the picking up of the bride and groom in true Gabbru style led to the beginning of the wedding ceremony. 

It was truly a pleasure being part of the beautiful story. We wish you all the love and happiness in the world, Supriya & Rajit !!

Wedding Photographed by Ankit Singh of Studio Ank

"Noor and her team took our wedding day from special to magical. They planned every single detail, executed with perfection and wowed all our family and friends. Our decor was stunning and they went over and beyond what was expected!! Their astute attention to detail and their pure passion for weddings comes through in their fantastic work. It started to rain cats and dogs right after the pheras and the team didn't flinch!! They were shuttling food and drinks and snacks to our guests. They were so efficient that our guests truly enjoyed themselves even more in the rain. They turned rain on my wedding day into such a sweet and fun memory! Lots of love to Noor, Roseline and Pooja and team. --- Supriya & Rajit"

Wedding Tales story of Sheetal & Nirav (Feb 2016)

posted Apr 13, 2016, 7:51 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Apr 24, 2016, 9:54 PM ]

What can I say about Noor and her team ‘Wedding Tales’ that will remotely do justice to just how good they were at our recent family event. 

My sister in law Sheetal Narang got married to Nirav Bajaj on the 22nd of February 2016. The festivities began on the 20th of February but we got there on the 15th just to make preparations. Noor and her team joined us a day later. 

This was a Marwari family meets Punjabi family destination wedding in Jaisalmer. The boys side wanted just one thing – good food and lots of it. We didn’t complain. Between the hotel Suryagarh (winner of multiple hotel awards in the past 5 years) and FoodLink (one of India’s top caterers based in Mumbai) we had the most lavish, extravagant and delicious menus chalked out for the 3-day period. 
Devika Narain, a renowned wedding decorator from Delhi, handled the mammoth task of beatifying an already stunningly gorgeous hotel backdrop. 
Joe Radhik – known as the top wedding photographer of the season handled capturing everything from the emotional moments to the well scripted sangeet performance, via his photography and videography. 
The boys side itself – Theeee Bajaj family. 

Why am I mentioning all this? Just to describe what kind of scale and type of wedding this was.

In all this, Noor and the team stood out just as much. Our compliments other than the food was in this order, the wedding setting was magical and Noor was fantastic. Again why am I saying this? To reiterate how good wedding tales was, that they were being equated to some of the best in the business being only 5 years new. Yes 50 wedding old gives you a certain amount of experience which we didn’t quite understand this initially. 

So I have to be honest in saying that the whole family wasn’t most ecstatic about bringing wedding tales on board. I on the other hand believe that, with the right amount of information and guidance, anyone can succeed. And they weren’t just anyone. By the end of the wedding, all the people who thought they were our weakest link believed them to have become our strongest link. 

Just to detail exactly what they did, I am going to dive straight into what the wedding was all about. Right from the time each guest entered the hotel, there were welcomed with a gift, a beautiful bag with a silver keychain for the ladies, and silver cuff links for the men. At the Mehendi ceremony we were giving out different kinds of bangles, potlis, the works. The night of the wedding we gave out tanjore paintings as a token of our gratitude to each guest, for the blessing the couple. Each guest was also given something meetha, as shagun, for coming to the auspicious occasion. We decided to give south indian tindis as the girl grew up in Bangalore. Besides all this, we kept pretty little trunks in each room with churan, mixtures, nick kancs and a convenience kit containing small things like hair pins and saree pins, band aids, basic medication etc.
Noor’s team were the ones who ensured that we as a family enjoyed the wedding, why? Because not once did we sit down to pack a single thing or place anything in the rooms. They did, it all. And believe me it was a lot. 
Jaisalmer is not connected by a direct flight, so in order to get there one has to fly to Jodhpur and then drive down 4 hours to reach Jaisalmer. Again, Noors team handled everything. Right from guest arrivals to putting them in the allocated cars to ensuring a big group had an empty car following the troupe should any of the cars break down, they handled everything smoothly. They also ensured guests were given transportation in time for their return flights, which in some cases meant they were up at 3am even when we weren’t.  
We had taken another hotel besides Suryagarh to accommodate all our 300 guests. Shuttles between both hotels, late night rides back to the hotels were also handled extremely efficiently by her team. 
One of our functions was held at the dunes, the Thar Desert, and why not right, coming all the way and not giving our guests the ‘Desert’ experience wasn’t fitting. Again over there, her team ensured no one got left behind, nothing got left behind, the to and fro process of guests from the hotel to the dunes and vice versa was very smooth. 

Like I said before, there wasn’t a guest who did not compliment us on her and her teams work or who didn’t praise how smoothly everything went thanks to her. 

I would like to put this down on paper – Noor I don’t know how we would have pulled this off without you all. I am so happy about our decision to have taken you’ll as our wedding planners. You all did a splendid job!  

I highly recommend you and your team to everyone and anyone who needs just the most efficient wedding planning team there is. 

Good luck and work hard.  

Anisha Narang
(Sister-in-law of the Bride)

Wedding Photographed by Stories by Joseph Radhik

Wedding Tales story of Sonam & Santosh (Oct 2015)

posted Apr 1, 2016, 4:18 AM by Noor Roseline

Roseline, Noor & Pooja of Wedding Tales did a phenomenal job at planning and organizing my perfect destination wedding at Bangalore. Since I was not from Bangalore, the planning of the wedding was turning out to be a herculean task and I was going crazy stressing myself, my fiancé and my parents. Then thankfully we came in touch with Roseline and Noor and from that moment onwards I transferred all my stress on to them. Both of them helped us plan out absolutely everything that was required for the three days of my wedding celebration. They organized practically everything from the décor to the DJ, make-up artists, Photo-booth, Mehend-wali, Dhol-walas and so on. The list is endless. My main interaction with them was only over the phone and emails and  everything that I asked for or wanted was provided by them with extreme ease. Once me and my family came to Bangalore for the wedding, we had to do absolutely nothing as Roseline, Noor and Pooja were in complete charge of everything. 

Roseline was almost six months pregnant during my wedding but was full of energy and was at our hotel from morning till night organizing everything. Our guests were extremely impressed with the entire planning and coordination of the events over three days and the entire credit for that goes only to Wedding Tales. Without them this wedding wouldn’t have turned out the way it did! Simply put Wedding Tales is your one-stop answer for the perfect fairy-tale wedding. 

Thank you again for everything and hope to see you soon again. 

Loads of love, 


Wedding Tales Story of Neha & Ankur (Oct 2015)

posted Mar 21, 2016, 3:58 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Feb 21, 2017, 10:37 PM ]

The Wedding Tales team is equipped to handle planning, organizing, budgeting and all the creative work required to plan a wedding. The amount of energy they will bring through planning and during the wedding is incredibly valuable. They handled almost all aspects of my wedding so my family and I could enjoy the wedding and time with our guests. This team will surely go the extra mile - Noor put up with all of my whims and was personally present to help me with stuff that was not required of her (such as last minute outfit shopping) - to ensure everything is perfect for the big day. Above all, Noor, Roseline & Pooja are extremely friendly while maintaining complete professionalism which made me think of them as the best friends to have around to plan my wedding for me. 

Neha Dev

Wedding Photographed by Siddharth Sharma Photography  

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