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The Things we do - Seamstresses for a day

posted Sep 13, 2018, 2:18 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners   [ updated Sep 13, 2018, 2:23 AM ]

Recently we were doing a destination wedding in Mysore. On day two of the festivities Rose and I went to check up on the bride and her family as they were getting ready. When we reached the room, we realized that there was a crisis at hand. The Sharara bottom that the bride was to wear for the event was about 2 inches loose and the sleeves of the top were about 1 inch loose. The bride was distraught. And the mother of the bride in tears. So we jumped into this head first.

We asked her to take off the outfit, wear her robe and finish her make up while we dealt with this issue. 

We summoned our trusty Emergency Kit. Rose took the top and I took the bottom and began altering them. Rose and I aren't trained seamstresses but our moms did teach us the machine stitch well enough to do these types of quick alterations. 

For the bottom, it took me three tries to perfect it, to ensure it wasn't too tight or too loose for the bride. The part we feared the most was getting the crotch alteration right. Otherwise it would look wanky and no bride of our was going to look wanky if we could help it. The top was relatively easier as Rose got it right the second time around. 

Once the bride was ready and the outfit fit her perfectly, we patted ourselves on the back and moved on to ensure the event went off with no glitch.

And the cherry on top was that on the day of the wedding we ended up, altering the sleeves of the wedding outfit as well. 

No pressure !!