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The Things We do - Our Sewing Skills

posted Feb 22, 2018, 1:53 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners
This one is a deja vu of sorts.

About 3 years ago, we were setting up for a sangeet at Taj Westend. Making sure decor was ready and the hotel was good to go with the bar and food. About an hour before showtime the bride came in fully ready and looking gorgeous. She wanted to practice her performance on stage once, to be confident. The performance was super sweet and a medley of a few fun songs. We introduced her to the DJ and his sound team. She gave them the music and started her performance. We made sure she started the performance and headed out to tie up a few loose ends. 

A few moments later she came running out with her mum and a look of terror on her face. Quickly we found out that her blouse had ripped at the seam on one side. With less then 30 minute until guests arrived we rushed her to the washroom to assess the damage. It was quite bad. But we didn't fret we just called for our emergency kit and began sewing her into the blouse. I am sure we poked her a few times in the process. It was all worth it because her performance was AMAZING !! 

[Image Couresy google.com]

Cut to a recent wedding. The scene was set and the baraat was at the door. The welcome of the groom was done with all the festivities and grandeur. The bride was then brought in as her sisters showered the way with flower petals. For the jaymala, the bride and groom were lifted by their friends. It was a fun jaymala. The bride was sent off to her room to do a touch up and re-drape her dupatta. On the way to her room we noticed that the top hook of her blouse had broke (mostly due to being lifted for the jaymala). Once again we called for our emergency kit, and began sewing a new hook in and securing it. While doing this the bride noticed that her bracelet  had also broken. Luckily we have pliers in our emergency kit and got right to fixing it. A few moments later and she was all set to go get married. 

All in a days work !!