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The Things We Do - Hair Wash

posted Feb 22, 2018, 1:25 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners   [ updated Feb 22, 2018, 1:53 AM ]
The day of the reception arrived and we were at the venue early to overlook setup. As the clock struck noon at the beautiful Tamarind Tree, our bride realized that she had left her toilet kit back at the hotel. She had to wash her hair before the makeup artist arrived. We sent someone out to go buy shampoo and were happy that the crisis had been averted. 

About an hour later, the bride called for us. Once we reached her room we were told that she couldn't wash her hair as she had gotten her mehendi put the day before and the mehendi artist had told her no to touch water. And none of her friends hadn't reached the venue. 

We look at each other and decided there was only one thing to do. Roll up our sleeves, place a chair near the sink and wash her hair ourselves. And that is exactly what we did. Shampoo, condition and rinse. All just in time for the makeup artist. 

All in a day's work for us. 
[Image courtesy Google.com]