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Our Emergency Kit

posted Mar 5, 2018, 4:34 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners   [ updated Sep 19, 2018, 12:11 AM ]

In the past 5 years, our emergency kit has been a lifesaver. It has grown from wedding to wedding and from crisis to crisis. Today we would like take you into our trusty Emergency Kit.
We have learnt to be prepared for any crisis a wedding throws at us. We started out with a small pouch as an emergency kit and have now reach a trust duffle bag on wheels and soon to a strolley. We have a wide range of items in this kit of ours. So lets take a a quick tour of our trusty Emergency Kit:

  1. First Aid - Because Duh !! From a bandages for cuts and bruises to medicines for head aches, indigestion, allergies, sprains and period cramps. 

  2. A fixer upper - with extra bindis, deo, tissue, nail polish remover, safety pins, hair pins, sewing kit, citronella, etc

  3. Our DIY kit - 4 types of pliers, screw driver, industrial strength glue, fevicol, double sided tape, etc

  4. PADS because PERIODS !!!

  5. For the forgetful guests we have decorative envelopes Handy. 

  6. Mini Me - Our hand held sewing machine, a mini steam iron and a portable umbrella - Just in case !!

  7. Puja ki thali ke liye - Matches, wick, til oil, haldi and kumkum, etc..

  8. Music to our ears - Ustad Bismillah Khan's Shehnai music, A mehendi playlist, a dance playlist and a vidaai playlist.
And sooo much more. 

And with every new wedding and new experience, we expand this emergency kit. In an effort to never face a crisis we cant solve.