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Wedding Tales Story of Tanya & Dhruvish

posted Feb 22, 2018, 12:53 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners
When the two of us set out to plan & execute our own wedding, we knew it would be an overwhelming task. We wanted things to be classy & contemporary with the ever-daunting task of ensuring every family member and friend goes home happy without finding anything to complain about.  We were quite clear we needed a wedding planner for the expertise that they bring to the table and for executing things to the tee. At the same time, we wanted our wedding to be an intimate affair just with close family and friends and not a corporate affair with an event planning team. After a lot of research, we concluded we wanted to work with the Wedding Tales having read great things about Noor & Roseline. They are professional but also make you feel like they are an extended part of your family. We had some crazy ideation sessions where Dhruvish & I came up with ideas which at times seemed ludicrous but not only were they accepting but with their experience and creativity made them happen. They were very helpful with giving us the right recommendations on the teams we should work with for our big day to helping me select the right lehenga. Of-course on the D-DAY they made us realize that while we all made a great wedding planning team together, we were also the bride and groom and we should go off and enjoy being treated special since it’s a once in a lifetime event. Boy! did we realize that they made the perfect team. The décor was spectacular, the kind of stuff Pinterest is made of, the transportation, co-ordination with the vendor, hospitality of our guests, ensuring plate counts, liquor counts were right. Co-ordinating with the venue and relieving not just the two of us but even our parents of the stress that comes with the wedding. I can safely say that everyone enjoyed the wedding thoroughly, including our parents which is a rarity. Noor, Roseline and their dynamic team, Varsha & Anagha made it happen. So, for everyone reading here, I would like to tell you that your wedding is special and therefore it is a critical decision of who could you trust it with. I am glad we made the right decision and chose them to make our wedding memorable.

Good luck guys! Hope you keep doing great work.

Special call out to Lawrence extended part of the Wedding Tales team who was amazing at handling the transport for all our guests.

Wedding Photographed by Rimi Sen