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Wedding Tales story of Sheetal & Nirav (Feb 2016)

posted Apr 13, 2016, 7:51 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners   [ updated Apr 24, 2016, 9:54 PM ]
What can I say about Noor and her team ‘Wedding Tales’ that will remotely do justice to just how good they were at our recent family event. 

My sister in law Sheetal Narang got married to Nirav Bajaj on the 22nd of February 2016. The festivities began on the 20th of February but we got there on the 15th just to make preparations. Noor and her team joined us a day later. 

This was a Marwari family meets Punjabi family destination wedding in Jaisalmer. The boys side wanted just one thing – good food and lots of it. We didn’t complain. Between the hotel Suryagarh (winner of multiple hotel awards in the past 5 years) and FoodLink (one of India’s top caterers based in Mumbai) we had the most lavish, extravagant and delicious menus chalked out for the 3-day period. 
Devika Narain, a renowned wedding decorator from Delhi, handled the mammoth task of beatifying an already stunningly gorgeous hotel backdrop. 
Joe Radhik – known as the top wedding photographer of the season handled capturing everything from the emotional moments to the well scripted sangeet performance, via his photography and videography. 
The boys side itself – Theeee Bajaj family. 

Why am I mentioning all this? Just to describe what kind of scale and type of wedding this was.

In all this, Noor and the team stood out just as much. Our compliments other than the food was in this order, the wedding setting was magical and Noor was fantastic. Again why am I saying this? To reiterate how good wedding tales was, that they were being equated to some of the best in the business being only 5 years new. Yes 50 wedding old gives you a certain amount of experience which we didn’t quite understand this initially. 

So I have to be honest in saying that the whole family wasn’t most ecstatic about bringing wedding tales on board. I on the other hand believe that, with the right amount of information and guidance, anyone can succeed. And they weren’t just anyone. By the end of the wedding, all the people who thought they were our weakest link believed them to have become our strongest link. 

Just to detail exactly what they did, I am going to dive straight into what the wedding was all about. Right from the time each guest entered the hotel, there were welcomed with a gift, a beautiful bag with a silver keychain for the ladies, and silver cuff links for the men. At the Mehendi ceremony we were giving out different kinds of bangles, potlis, the works. The night of the wedding we gave out tanjore paintings as a token of our gratitude to each guest, for the blessing the couple. Each guest was also given something meetha, as shagun, for coming to the auspicious occasion. We decided to give south indian tindis as the girl grew up in Bangalore. Besides all this, we kept pretty little trunks in each room with churan, mixtures, nick kancs and a convenience kit containing small things like hair pins and saree pins, band aids, basic medication etc.
Noor’s team were the ones who ensured that we as a family enjoyed the wedding, why? Because not once did we sit down to pack a single thing or place anything in the rooms. They did, it all. And believe me it was a lot. 
Jaisalmer is not connected by a direct flight, so in order to get there one has to fly to Jodhpur and then drive down 4 hours to reach Jaisalmer. Again, Noors team handled everything. Right from guest arrivals to putting them in the allocated cars to ensuring a big group had an empty car following the troupe should any of the cars break down, they handled everything smoothly. They also ensured guests were given transportation in time for their return flights, which in some cases meant they were up at 3am even when we weren’t.  
We had taken another hotel besides Suryagarh to accommodate all our 300 guests. Shuttles between both hotels, late night rides back to the hotels were also handled extremely efficiently by her team. 
One of our functions was held at the dunes, the Thar Desert, and why not right, coming all the way and not giving our guests the ‘Desert’ experience wasn’t fitting. Again over there, her team ensured no one got left behind, nothing got left behind, the to and fro process of guests from the hotel to the dunes and vice versa was very smooth. 

Like I said before, there wasn’t a guest who did not compliment us on her and her teams work or who didn’t praise how smoothly everything went thanks to her. 

I would like to put this down on paper – Noor I don’t know how we would have pulled this off without you all. I am so happy about our decision to have taken you’ll as our wedding planners. You all did a splendid job!  

I highly recommend you and your team to everyone and anyone who needs just the most efficient wedding planning team there is. 

Good luck and work hard.  

Anisha Narang
(Sister-in-law of the Bride)

Wedding Photographed by Stories by Joseph Radhik