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Wedding Tales Story Of Pooja & Vijay (Nov 2016)

posted Feb 21, 2017, 11:01 PM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners   [ updated Feb 22, 2017, 10:44 PM ]
It all started in the month of June, a month before our engagement. Vijay and I were looking for someone to help our parents plan our wedding. Since we live in Sweden, about 10,000kms from Bangalore with a four and half hour time difference it was practically impossible to just let our families do all the planning. So I just pinged Noor on Facebook and I think I got a reply within two hours or so asking for more details. I had written to a number of wedding planners and these guys probably replied the earliest.  From the beginning it was absolutely clear in our mind that we wanted a small, simple and elegant wedding with just the closest of families and friends. 
So after exchanging of numbers and details we decided to meet when Vijay and I were in Bangalore for our engagement. Noor with her team met us at a coffee shop and trust me when I say that my mom and I walked out thinking these are the people we want to plan a wedding with. Noor and Pooja (my namesake) were soooooo friendly and extrovert-ish that I felt like we knew them from ages ago. :)
The best part of talking to these guys, be it face to face or Skype, they understand what you need spot on!
She is so open to our ideas and plans, I appreciate that she went an extra mile to just buy stuff for the wedding because I asked for it. 
We have had numerous amount of Skype calls and plans, she’s the absolute best friend a bride needs.
I haven't felt stressed even for a moment in the entire planning/wedding process. She’s so cool— tough competition to boro plus, noor :P No she hasn't paid me to praise her :D NO SERIOUSLY!!
She had been constantly talking to my parents, taking their criticism on costing :D all parents do that I guess, MONEY SAVE KAROOOO! and never complained :)
So I flew down a week before the wedding and I had no wedding saree yet. (CRISIS or so I thought) Ms super woman, Noor and my mom helped me shop in a day! yes more like in an hour!! AND I GOT THE ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS BRIDAL SAREE EVER!!

This is she and her team at 4AM in the morning of the wedding day,

They are a bunch of dedicated people. The decorations were spot on. It was everything we asked for, some times more than what we asked. Our wedding was a fairy tale!
This team has been there from morning four until 12 in the night taking care of the guests, the food, the bride (her food), the groom, our families, all NEEDS! Thank you Noor and team from the bottom of our hearts for being there. When I look back at the pictures, all I remember is being with family and smiling through the day not caring for the thing in the world because you guys took care of it all! <3

Also for tiny things like this, that didn't make me look a fool in the pictures :P
Last THANKYOU for being that best friend when we needed you the most :)

My mom’s smile means the world to me and she loved every bit of what you guys did!
Great job guys! couldn’t and wouldn't have had it any other way !! :) 

Loads of love and HUGGGSSSS

Pooja xoxo

Wedding Photographed by Vivek Krishnan.