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Wedding Tales story of Parul & Apurva (December 2014)

posted Apr 28, 2015, 12:27 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners   [ updated Feb 21, 2017, 10:43 PM ]
Some client transcend the "client-Wedding planner" relationship and become our friends. That is exactly what happened with Parul's Brother and sister-in-law Punit and Priya and us. Over the course of planning this wedding we became really good friends. This made planning this wedding that much more fun and meaningful for us. 

The wedding started with a fun mela themed mehendi lunch at Punit's House in Bangalore. We had a beautiful memory tree which had pictures of Parul and Apurva growing up. The chitter chatter of family meeting after ages was all the music this event needed. That evening we transformed the same backyard into a Sangeet stage. We had performances, skits and speeches. All from the heart and all amazing. To create a little bit of Delhi in Bangalore we constructed a tunnel of lights "Janakpuri ishtyle" for the entrance with dholwalas for the welcome of the guests. 

The next evening was a traditional wedding at the Royal Orchid Hotel followed by dinner and dancing. With Chrysanthemums in full bloom, it would be wrong not to use them. We made a beautiful two sided arch with white Chrysanthemums and roses and a little crystal for the sparkle. This was followed by twigs with fairy lights draped on time on either side of the aisle that led up to the mandap. 

After the wedding, the dinner and the dancing was done we headed back home for the bidaai. This bidaai we couldn't escape - we sobbed like little children and in turn triggering everybody in the room. The connect needs to be on a different level for something like this to happen. 

Congratulations Parul & Apurva !!

Hey gals.. 
Wanted to write when it's still fresh in my mind... Comments from my mom and dad..while driving them to the airport..

"You were the best people to execute this wedding and made it a beautiful and loving memory for our entire family. You both along with Priya (Sister-in-law of the bride) and yes me myself (Punit - Brother of the bride) brought in a lot of fun and togetherness to the event.. And took away their tensions and anxiety .. Executed what Parul (Bride) and us wanted to the tee.. All our random ideas were brought to life like a dream.. The effervescence of Noor and the calmness of Rose are your strong points.."

Mom said "she had her doubts in the beginning about bringing you onboard to execute this, but in hindsight this was the best thing we did.." They were also extremely happy with the food "Tun Tun Kumar", the "Mango Suites" for stay and Lawrence for executing the travel perfectly.. Pankti for her efforts with the Sangeet.. And getting us prepped for it, was the key to the Sangeet being so much fun.. They and We have been hearing praises from ours and the grooms entire family.. And are elated.. Thanks gals.. Noor & Roseline .. For a memorable event.. Thanks a lot..To Priya to coordinate and beat sense into all of us.. They also said the mandap felt like it was a temple with the flowers and crystals and the bells hanging under the mogra lines.. Splendid.. Breathtaking !!

Let's celebrate this when we can all meet next..  we have found friends for life and feels like u r part of our family..

- The Nagar Family

Wedding Photographed by : Bridal Safari