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Wedding Tales' Story of Dhwani & Ishan

posted Jun 24, 2019, 4:00 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners

Hi Guys,
Now that the excitement of the wedding is slowly wearing off (not the marriage, just the wedding) and normalcy is slowly creeping back in, thought we would take a quick moment to thank you'll for a really memorable wedding. Right from the planning to the actual 3/4 days. 
I know, for us it was really memorable. Was great to see so many of our friends and family around to celebrate with us. Almost everyone remarked that it was one of the most fun weddings they had been to and that the entire weekend was just fantastic, this was of course in part because of all the hard work that you'll had put in to make sure that each of the 3 days had an element that stood out and had something for everyone to take back with them, form hangovers to hand fans!
Everyone (including ourselves) really enjoyed the sangeet from the dance failure to the Gujrati garba onslaught. Was a fitting way to start the festivities.
The mehendi for us (me especially) was a highlight. From the colors to the drinks to games (esp the tug of war we had with the shoelace :D)
We did enjoy ourselves as did the guests. The highlight of course was the pandit, he has a career in standup if the whole priest thing doesn't work out. I am looking forward to marrying Dhwani again maybe on our 25th anniversary. Will look you guys up then :) 

Till then remember to ship your coffee nice and slow!
                                                                                - Pandit Jeetu