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Wedding Tales Story of Uday & Shruti

To Team Wedding Tales and  their minions, 

We are falling short of words to completely express our appreciation. When it came time to select a wedding planner, Shruti dug you ajeebs out and the buck stopped moving ! You are the best wedding planner in Bangalore. We are still in la la land when we look back on everything you did for us before, during and after the wedding. Without your help our wedding would not have been so picture-perfect filled with memories that we always dreamed of. Your leads, ideas, planning, preparation, and attention to detail was on bull's eye every single time.Also, how can we forget the fun we had while putting all this together and keep the nerves on. Well, why Thank you. 

The bag of haribos, lindt chocolates and more (you know what)  was one way to  appreciate you more than words and of course the friendship we have built on the top of everything.  Feel free to use us as a  reference and we are super fired up to see you guys grow big with every gig. 

Good luck from the universe!! 

Uday & Shruti

Wedding photographed by Krunal Shah