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2. Backdrops

For Tanya and Dhruvish's Reception we went for a sophisticated and polished backdrop. We chose foliage over flowers. We had frames with bulbs in them and to top it off we pulled fabric tot he base of the stage and lite it up with fairy lights. 

Varsha and Karan wanted elegance, sophistication and lots of white. We gave them a lace fabric backdrop  with white flowers ranging from gladoli, roses, orchids and chrysanthemums. 

Pooja wanted to incorporate the worli art on the wall behind the stage. We used strings of crystals, glass orbs and chrysanthemums balls to accent the white flower frame. We finished off with a carved wooden sofa.

This simple backdrop was used for the cake cutting for Malavika and Carrun's reception. We used half rose pomander balls and china lanterns to create this piece. 

Preeti and Vitten wanted a backdrop to take family portraits in front off at their sangeet but wanted something fun and based on the concept "Light". So we found these epic criss cross panels. Added T-lights in tea glasses with just a few flowers on tops and *BAMB* perfection !!

We didn't want Supriya to be left in a corner during her mehendi. So we created a photo op right behind her with these uber cute carved frames, hand painted in the theme colors. This way she was part of all the funny and crazy pictures her friends and family took. 

For a simple Kerala style wedding, we were on a budget and this pinterest inspired backdrop was perfect. Foliage, twigs and fake cherry blossoms worked so perfectly with each other. 

Lights, fabric and the only time we used gebra made for an interesting backdrop for a reception.