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Wedding Tips~ The great Indian talent show !!

posted Jul 16, 2015, 4:29 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners
As wedding planners we are often asked to help plan out the performance schedules of a sangeet function. We have seen it all – skits, dance performances, sing-songs, karaoke, parodies, etc… And they all have been cute, funny and entertaining in their own way. Today we are going to give you a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to planning your sangeet. Let’s go:
  • Have a theme for the performances – If you don’t then it will just be people dancing to the latest Bollywood songs and be a bit monotonous. 
    Some fun ways to keep people interested are:
    ~ Telling a story (maybe of how you met), 
    ~ A rapid fire round that results in a dance performance after each question
    ~ The age old antakshari but with dance performances instead of people singing (this way you can play older song and more age appropriate songs for the people dancing).
  • Keep it short and sweet – The biggest complaint that we hear from guests is that the performances went on too long. The ideal time frame is 30 mins for all the performances. 
  • It’s NOT a talent show – All the kids of the family do not need to do a solo performance. You can make them do a cute group performance to up the “awwww” level. 
  • MC – Though having a professional MC is useful but we feel its best to have someone from the family or one of your close friend to MC the show. That way it is more personal and heartfelt. 
  • Music – Make sure all the performance music is brought on two pen-drives to ensure that there isn’t any last minutes issues. 
  • Element of surprise – It’s fun to always have an element of surprise that no one knows anything about. It will up the fun quotient. 
  • Order, order, order – This is probably the most important tip for a great sangeet function. Make sure that all the people performing know what the order is and know when to be ready. This will ensure smooth sailing of events and a fun show to watch.
  • Professional Dancers – If you have a shy family who aren't too fond of performing then a fun way to get the party started is to have an interactive dance troupe that will break the ice and pull people on to the dance floor. 

Hope that these tips will help you plan your sangeet better. For a great list of songs to dance to, click on the following link Fun Sangeet Songs

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