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Wedding Tips ~ Bar Bar Dekho

posted Jun 26, 2015, 9:16 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners   [ updated Mar 24, 2017, 12:22 AM ]

The two things that make a sangeet rocking are good music and great Liquor. Good music is subjective and changes from time to time. But good liquor is timeless.

The ideal combination is a few bottles of great single malts for the men who understand good whisky, some bottles of good blended whisky for a good time, a bottle or two of rum (dark and light), a crate or two of beer, a few bottles of light coloured spirits (vodka & gin) & to top it off some good wine and a bottle or so of any great liquor that can add an element of crazy (read: tequila, Jager, etc).

Having such an awesome selection of liquor also requires a hawk eye to make sure that the bar staff don’t dig into it. So make sure your wedding planner has a person/team at the bar doing a stellar job at bar control.

What is bar control?

Well, hotels charge a per bottle rate (the better the liquor the more expensive it is) – this is where the bar control team works best. Before the event starts we procure a liquor list from the hotel and cross check it with the list from the client. This list usually consists of the name of the liquor as well as how many bottles are being kept aside for the event. Once the event starts, the bar control team makes sure that a new bottle is only opened when the previous bottle is over and not before. This way you do not pay for bottle just because it was opened.

The bar can also be a great place to incorporate your theme. Some ideas:

v  HIS & HER Signature cocktails – 

A great element at the bar can be “His” & “Her” cocktails. HIS cocktails is usually the groom’s favourite cocktail and HER cocktail is the Bride’s favourite cocktail. Put up a fun bar board with the “Specials” to up the cuteness quotient.

v  Champagne Tower – 

If you plan to pop champagne, then we suggest ask your planner to organise a Champagne tower for you. It’s basically a tower made of champagne flutes/saucers and once you pop the champagne you pour it into the top most glass and it trickles down the tower filling each glass. It super fun to do and photographs amazingly.

This can also be done with non alcoholic champagne for an event that doesn't have liquor.

v     A personalized Bar– 

You can personalize you bar by putting your monogram on your bar, napkins, stirrers, etc... Personalized cocktails and signature shots add a great touch to the bar experience as well. 

v The Bar Experience

You can have fun mixologists for all the funky cocktails you desire. 
Or a fire Juggler to add oomph to the bar. 
Have uniquely different glasses for each drink to add an element of fun. 

v Bar Signage- 

Cute and funny bar signage are a great conversation starter. Chalkboard signs are all the rage these days.

These are just a few ideas for making the bar a fun place to hang out during the Sangeet. Ask your wedding planner for more creative & personalized ideas.