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The Mogra Story

posted Apr 13, 2018, 3:43 AM by Wedding Tales Wedding Planners   [ updated Apr 13, 2018, 3:46 AM ]
Mogra symbolizes love and is the perfect flower for a wedding. There is something so beautiful and calm about mogra and its ethereal white color. 
Our love for mogra stems from the fact that its not just a pretty flower but also smells heavenly. It also is a super versatile flower and can be used in many ways throughout a wedding. 
We have used malige for the hair as floral ornamentation and as a magnificent mandap. We have also used mogra in urlis as center pieces and as floral rangoli. Jasmine has been woven into intricate bracelets as giveaways at mehendi functions and as floral jewelry for our brides. 

And so much more !!

Mogra in its beautiful white adds elegance and a level of sophistication to any event. it is also is traditional in its significance.  

The gorgeous white pairs brilliantly with almost any color in the wheel. Our favorites are: 

White and Yellow, White and Red, White and Pink, White and Purple, White and Green, White and Gold, etc

Mogra - Timelessly Perfect !!