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The Rose Story

posted Apr 27, 2018, 3:41 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Apr 27, 2018, 3:47 AM ]

"A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - Juliet  

The Rose is one of our all time favorite flowers to use at weddings. Its versatile and works well with other flowers. And our trusty desi gulab is always a great bet.

The rose is considered the queen of flowers. Not only a sweet smelling flower, it is also a gorgeous flower to use when decorating. The significance of the rose varies from calm to love and purity depending on the color. Roses are available in an abundance of colors and shades making it the most versatile flower.

Since roses represent love and happiness they play a major role in Indian Weddings. Be it the Bride's boquet or the jaimala garlands, roses are often the most preferred flowers. Rose petals are also showered on the newly married couple symbolizing love and happiness. 

We love putting rose petals in DIY doily cones and distributing them to guest. These cones in a nice wicker basket make for a great element. Rose petals are also used to make floral jewellery for the bride. 

Roses work really well with other flowers to create the perfect floral designs. Some of our favorite combinations are roses and carnations, roses and mogra (jasmine), roses and carnations, etc 



The Mogra Story

posted Apr 13, 2018, 3:43 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Apr 13, 2018, 3:46 AM ]

Mogra symbolizes love and is the perfect flower for a wedding. There is something so beautiful and calm about mogra and its ethereal white color. 
Our love for mogra stems from the fact that its not just a pretty flower but also smells heavenly. It also is a super versatile flower and can be used in many ways throughout a wedding. 
We have used malige for the hair as floral ornamentation and as a magnificent mandap. We have also used mogra in urlis as center pieces and as floral rangoli. Jasmine has been woven into intricate bracelets as giveaways at mehendi functions and as floral jewelry for our brides. 

And so much more !!

Mogra in its beautiful white adds elegance and a level of sophistication to any event. it is also is traditional in its significance.  

The gorgeous white pairs brilliantly with almost any color in the wheel. Our favorites are: 

White and Yellow, White and Red, White and Pink, White and Purple, White and Green, White and Gold, etc

Mogra - Timelessly Perfect !!

The Marigold Story

posted Mar 26, 2018, 2:36 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Apr 10, 2018, 2:57 AM ]

Marigold is one of favorite flowers to us when doing decor. Over the years we have used it in every form conceivable, from mandaps to entrance arches to table center pieces to decorating tree, etc ...
The marigold (a.k.a. Genda) has a strong presence in HIndu weddings. It represents the sun and thus is symbolizes brightness and positive energy which is said to be bestowed on the couple. 
We love the genda phool for its versatility and unique flexibility. The rich orange and yellow colors compliment each other as  well as a whole host of colors. Some of our favorites are orange and pink, yellow and white, orange and green, yellow and pink, orange and purple, yellow and green, etc .. The versatility doesn't end at main decor pieces. 
Marigold when shredded make for the perfect floral rangoli.

 Trends may come and trends may go but the beautiful marigold is timeless and will always be our favorite !! 

Pastel is the new black

posted Feb 28, 2018, 10:59 PM by Noor Roseline

Earlier this year, Pantone declared Ultraviolet as the Color of the year. Its a lovely cosmic color that is predicted to trend all this season. Personally, we feel the pastel trend will continue for a few more seasons. But we are sure to see the addition of the lovely ultraviolet to the pastel color palette. 

Mint green, blush pink and ultraviolet could be a major color threesome in the months to come. 
[Photo Credit: Google.com]

For brides, we still see lots of pastel shades for lehenga and sarees. The lovely Anushka Sharma revived the pastel lehenga and how. Her gorgeous Sabhyasachi Lehenga is #LehengaGoals and will remain so for a few season to come. Virat too wore a dapper beige and gold outfit for the wedding to compliment the stunning lehenga. 

[Photo Credit: Google.com]

The pastel trend is here to stay. The degree of the pastel will differ based on each couple. But its definitely here for the long haul. We look forward to designing a lot more pastel themed weddings. 

[Mood board picture courtesy Pinterest]

Wedding Tips~ The Bar Guide

posted Mar 24, 2017, 12:47 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Oct 3, 2017, 4:28 AM ]

The Bar at the cocktail party is one of the most important elements of the event. It can also be a pain to manage. Here are some helpful tips to help yo get it right every time. 


BAR CONTROL - Before the event starts we procure a liquor list from the hotel and cross check it with the list from the client. This list usually consists of the name of the liquor as well as how many bottles are being kept aside for the event. Once the event starts, the bar control team makes sure that a new bottle is only opened when the previous bottle is over and not before. This way you do not pay for bottle just because it was opened.

KNOW YOUR CROWD - Don't fill your bar with every spirit known to mankind. Know the taste of the crowd attending. For example: put Gin in the bar only if you know a few people drink and prefer gin. Its not usually a popular drink and buying it make no sense if no one is going to drink it. 

BAR EQUIPMENT - Consult your bartender when setting the bar menu to understand what are his/her specialties and what works best with your crowd. Make sure to order the right glasses for each cocktail. When dealing with a bartender remember to get a detailed list of all the things he/she is to bring with them and what they need from you so there is no confusion on the day of.


DON'T USE EXPENSIVE LIQUOR FOR COCKTAILS - Cocktails are fun drinks that if made well fly off the bar. Do not use expensive liquor for cocktails as they will be mixed with other ingredients. For example: Do not use a single malt for whiskey based cocktails. 

DON'T FORGET PLAN YOUR ALCOHOL - Make sure you take into account how many heavy drinkers you have when making a alcohol plan. If the majority of the heavy drinkers like whiskey, make sure to have enough and more whiskey to go around. Make your you take into account the women drinkers and their preferences as well.

DON'T FORGET THE NON DRINKERS - Do not forget the non drinkers at a cocktail party. Make sure their are fun "mocktails" for them in really fun looking glasses. This will make them fell included in the bar experience. 

Wedding Tips~ India and the Wedding Registry

posted Sep 15, 2015, 11:37 PM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Oct 3, 2017, 4:26 AM ]

For too long, we as a society have played passing the parcel with that ugly tea set gifted to somebody’s great grandmother at her wedding. It is still unopened, just wrapped and re-wrapped for generations and passed on in the hopes that
​someday ​someone​ ​will use it.

This is why we need a Wedding Registry. Wedding Tales is a strong advocator of the Wedding ​Registry concept. Gone are the days of tea sets, cuckoo clocks and casseroles. We have our coffee/tea on the go in disposable cups, we have our phones for the time and casseroles belong ​to the 1950’s.

A wedding registry is a list of things that the couple want, where they are available and how much they cost. Ideally a couple would tie up with one or more stores and place things on hold under their name. Then this list is either sent out to friends and family or put up on their wedding website. After that you just have to pick and choose what you want to gift them or what falls in your budget. A group of people can pool in to buy a gift from this list too.

We live in a time where we are spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating our homes and newly married couples enjoy this process the most. ​It’s a beautiful thing to be ​a ​part of someone’s home knowing​ that they love the gift you got them.

The store​​ a couple ties up ​with, ​can be anything from a furniture & home décor store to an appliance store​, f​rom a cookware store to a hardware store. There is NO limit to what you can put on this list. One of our clients had put their honeymoon on the list. All of their parents friends pooled in and bought it for them. See this can be fun !!

Here’s how a wedding registry helps both the gifter as well as the giftee:
  • Makes the gifter​'s​ life easier. This is the answer to the age old question “What should I get them?”
  • The giftee need n​o​t worry about “How do we get rid of this gift that we have NO use for?”
  • A group of friends can pool in to buy that bar unit that’s on the list. ​Or the big ticket items can be bought by a group of people. It’s a win-win for everyone.
There are two ways of going about a registry. Either you can approach a website that will have a few stores on board and you can choose from their inventory or you can approach some boutique stores that will be happy to keep pieces on hold for you.

Our favorite boutique home décor store that we are currently lusting after is ​'​Mulberry Home​ ​Décor​'​. They have the cutest, chicest and prettiest home accessories, furniture and furnishings. They have two stores: one in Hyderabad and one here in our very own Bangalore.

Check out their stuff at Mulberry Home Decor

Wedding Tales~ Budget Consultation

posted Aug 5, 2015, 4:19 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Jan 30, 2017, 12:08 AM ]

It’s that time of the year again when Wedding Tales helps you understand wedding budgets and how to plan your finances for the wedding. We will be holding one-on-one sessions with soon-to-be-married 
couples (families that have a wedding coming up) every Friday & Saturday all throughout FEBRUARY & MARCH 2017. 

Things covered in these sessions:

Price ranges of each service
Top 5 things to spend on during a wedding
Benefits of a wedding planner
Understanding taxes at hotels 
Your rights as a consumer
Right allocation of your funds

For further details and/or to book a slot, please mail us at info@weddingtales.co
or call us on 080-41753849

These Sessions are free !!

Wedding Tips~ The great Indian talent show !!

posted Jul 16, 2015, 4:29 AM by Noor Roseline

As wedding planners we are often asked to help plan out the performance schedules of a sangeet function. We have seen it all – skits, dance performances, sing-songs, karaoke, parodies, etc… And they all have been cute, funny and entertaining in their own way. Today we are going to give you a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to planning your sangeet. Let’s go:
  • Have a theme for the performances – If you don’t then it will just be people dancing to the latest Bollywood songs and be a bit monotonous. 
    Some fun ways to keep people interested are:
    ~ Telling a story (maybe of how you met), 
    ~ A rapid fire round that results in a dance performance after each question
    ~ The age old antakshari but with dance performances instead of people singing (this way you can play older song and more age appropriate songs for the people dancing).
  • Keep it short and sweet – The biggest complaint that we hear from guests is that the performances went on too long. The ideal time frame is 30 mins for all the performances. 
  • It’s NOT a talent show – All the kids of the family do not need to do a solo performance. You can make them do a cute group performance to up the “awwww” level. 
  • MC – Though having a professional MC is useful but we feel its best to have someone from the family or one of your close friend to MC the show. That way it is more personal and heartfelt. 
  • Music – Make sure all the performance music is brought on two pen-drives to ensure that there isn’t any last minutes issues. 
  • Element of surprise – It’s fun to always have an element of surprise that no one knows anything about. It will up the fun quotient. 
  • Order, order, order – This is probably the most important tip for a great sangeet function. Make sure that all the people performing know what the order is and know when to be ready. This will ensure smooth sailing of events and a fun show to watch.
  • Professional Dancers – If you have a shy family who aren't too fond of performing then a fun way to get the party started is to have an interactive dance troupe that will break the ice and pull people on to the dance floor. 

Hope that these tips will help you plan your sangeet better. For a great list of songs to dance to, click on the following link Fun Sangeet Songs

[Pictures are copyright of the photographers and Wedding Tales~]

Wedding Tips ~ Bar Bar Dekho

posted Jun 26, 2015, 9:16 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Mar 24, 2017, 12:22 AM ]

The two things that make a sangeet rocking are good music and great Liquor. Good music is subjective and changes from time to time. But good liquor is timeless.

The ideal combination is a few bottles of great single malts for the men who understand good whisky, some bottles of good blended whisky for a good time, a bottle or two of rum (dark and light), a crate or two of beer, a few bottles of light coloured spirits (vodka & gin) & to top it off some good wine and a bottle or so of any great liquor that can add an element of crazy (read: tequila, Jager, etc).

Having such an awesome selection of liquor also requires a hawk eye to make sure that the bar staff don’t dig into it. So make sure your wedding planner has a person/team at the bar doing a stellar job at bar control.

What is bar control?

Well, hotels charge a per bottle rate (the better the liquor the more expensive it is) – this is where the bar control team works best. Before the event starts we procure a liquor list from the hotel and cross check it with the list from the client. This list usually consists of the name of the liquor as well as how many bottles are being kept aside for the event. Once the event starts, the bar control team makes sure that a new bottle is only opened when the previous bottle is over and not before. This way you do not pay for bottle just because it was opened.

The bar can also be a great place to incorporate your theme. Some ideas:

v  HIS & HER Signature cocktails – 

A great element at the bar can be “His” & “Her” cocktails. HIS cocktails is usually the groom’s favourite cocktail and HER cocktail is the Bride’s favourite cocktail. Put up a fun bar board with the “Specials” to up the cuteness quotient.

v  Champagne Tower – 

If you plan to pop champagne, then we suggest ask your planner to organise a Champagne tower for you. It’s basically a tower made of champagne flutes/saucers and once you pop the champagne you pour it into the top most glass and it trickles down the tower filling each glass. It super fun to do and photographs amazingly.

This can also be done with non alcoholic champagne for an event that doesn't have liquor.

v     A personalized Bar– 

You can personalize you bar by putting your monogram on your bar, napkins, stirrers, etc... Personalized cocktails and signature shots add a great touch to the bar experience as well. 

v The Bar Experience

You can have fun mixologists for all the funky cocktails you desire. 
Or a fire Juggler to add oomph to the bar. 
Have uniquely different glasses for each drink to add an element of fun. 

v Bar Signage- 

Cute and funny bar signage are a great conversation starter. Chalkboard signs are all the rage these days.

These are just a few ideas for making the bar a fun place to hang out during the Sangeet. Ask your wedding planner for more creative & personalized ideas.

Wedding Tips ~ Wedding Themes

posted Jun 16, 2015, 1:30 AM by Noor Roseline   [ updated Apr 3, 2017, 12:34 AM ]

A wedding theme can be as simple as a colour scheme to something as elaborate as the place you met or where the proposal happened. But most of all, a theme for a wedding needs to mean something to the bride & groom and be a part of them and their relationship. A theme helps a great deal in all aspects of a wedding and its planning. Here’s some way a theme can make your life easier:

Invites – Invitation cards are usually the birth place of any theme. The invites set the tone of the wedding. Be careful not to choose colours that are difficult to replicate in flowers or fabric as they will be key in your in various aspect of your wedding.

Decor - You have something to fall back on when you are in doubt about décor. Something as simple as a colour palette can help you build your décor as opposed to not knowing where to start from. Remember, shades of a particular colour are still within theme. Do not stress out if you cannot find an exact match.

Flowers – The flowers you use during a wedding can reflect the theme in terms of colours & feel. In nature we find all sorts of colours in a variety of shades. Once you have a theme in mind, finding similar coloured flowers to match is easier. Some flowers are seasonal so keep that in mind while choosing a theme or color palette.

Food – An elaborate theme can also help set the menu at your wedding. For example, if your theme is ‘Royalty’ then your food can have dishes made for the royals of a particular era/place. Or if your theme is Moroccan then your food would rely on a lot of kababs, shawarmas, etc…

Wrap me up – Gifts, welcome baskets, wedding stationery all can have the theme running through them and hence tying the whole wedding together in terms of aesthetics.

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen – Yes, a lot of couples tend to have bridesmaids & groomsmen during their wedding now. And to identify them, they are given outfits in a particular colour (or a combination) which is usually derived from the overall theme of the wedding. 

A theme really helps put things in perspective. But a theme can be overdone and that is something that should avoided as it looks like you are trying too hard. A theme needs to flow and be simple. 

Tell us what are your favorite themes when it comes to weddings in the comment section below. 

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